• Master of Science in Soil and Water Science – University of Florida, 2006
  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology – University of Florida, 1999


  • Certified Professional Soil Scientist (April 2014 – present)
  • Florida Certified Soil Scientist (May 2014 – present)


  • Soil Science Society of America
  • Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists

Travis Richardson is President and Owner of T. Richardson Soils and Environmental. A Certified Professional Soil Scientist and a Florida Certified Soil Scientist, Richardson is an expert soil and wetland scientist with more than 24 years of experience developing an understanding of the relationship among soil characteristics, hydrology, and vegetation. He has extensive experience implementing Ch 62-340 Florida Administrative Code to delineate the landward extent of wetlands and surface waters, including areas with substantial mechanical and/or hydrologic alterations. Richardson has experience establishing Minimum Flows and Levels, permitting environmental resource impacts, developing and implementing wetland mitigation plans, evaluating wetland functional value (UMAM/WRAP), and completed soil and vegetation monitoring.

Richardson Soils and Environmental utilizes Richardson’s expertise to provide efficient and accurate assessments for clients. T. Richardson Soils and Environmental focuses on hydric soil determinations, soil classification, wetland delineation, forensic wetland assessments, mitigation, soil and wetland monitoring, environmental resource permitting, and onsite sewage and treatment disposal system design and permitting.

Will Mahler is a soil scientist with extensive experience in soil characteristics, hydrology, and vegetation. Mahler has experience with permitting environmental resource impacts, septic permitting, developing and implementing wetland mitigation plans, evaluating wetland functional value (UMAM/WRAP), and soil and vegetation monitoring.

Stefanie Herrera is an environmental specialist focusing on septic permitting. She is a certified environmental health professional.

Jenny Lackey brings over 20 years of experience in graphic design and marketing within the academic and civil sectors to her work as a GIS specialist. She provides GIS and CAD support for permit drawings, site plans and other work products in the development of maps, data, and drawings for use in permitting, mitigation, monitoring and compliance.